Friday, April 01, 2005

CNN Poll: Iran not a nuclear threat

Almost six out of 10 adults in Britain, France and Germany say that Iran does not pose a nuclear threat to Europe, according to the findings of a new CNN/TIME poll.
With the emphasis on 'Europe'.

And there is one other condition: Once Iran has The Bomb, it will use it for blackmail on a scale not seen before. Just to see the faces of people in Europe, it would be almost be worth it to let Iran get their murderous hands on some nukes.


Of course, by that time Israel will have been turned into a nuclear wasteland. But that was never any concern, or reason for regret for Europe. Really just a sidenote


Blogger Gavriel said...

Ha, yes the bit about "to Europe" is striking. I guess they've never heard of missiles before. That was actually one of the punch lines in a post I did recently about the "top ten reasons to let+ Iran get the bomb".

Refuah Shlemah with your flu, it's rough being sick for the seder.


10:07 PM  

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