Thursday, May 05, 2005

More dhimmitude

In this report at Expatica, more Political Correctness. The report says there's an average of 2 kidnappings A DAY in the Netherlands.
Two kidnappings are carried out every day in the Netherlands, figures compiled by a Dutch newspaper indicated on Wednesday.
You have to read through the article to find half a line on (some of) the perpetrators:
The Stolen Children Foundation said 120 children are kidnapped out of the Netherlands each year, often by Arabic fathers who take their children to their land of origin and disappear without trace.
Two children a day. No specific percentages are given, but it's clear that a vast number of these children are of Muslim descent. To be given a proper Muslim upbringing and education in an Arab/Muslim country. After which they'll want to 'repatriate' to W-Europe. And the circle is complete.


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