Monday, May 09, 2005

Why Muslims bash gays

I wrote earlier about Chris Crain, a prominent American gay, who got beat up in Amsterdam by a gang of Moroccans. Human Rights Watch knows why they did it:
Human rights organisation Human Rights Watch said the assault of Crain is the result of ethnic tension in the Netherlands. It said gays are the victim because immigrants take revenge for the injustice they encounter themselves.
The fact that the Koran, and most Imams in the Netherlands preach that homosexuals must be put to death of course has nothing to do with it.

HRW fails to explain why ethnic tension would lead Muslims to attack gays, of all people. They also fail to name, let alone show the 'injustice' encountered by them. Why don't gays bash Muslims? Gays encounter lots of injustice! But then, reality is never a criterion for groups like HRW.

But Atef Salib, an official with the foundation Habibi Ana, a gay café for immigrants in the city centre has a thought:
You have good and bad people, but it is known that homosexuality is difficult to harmonise with the Arab mentality.
Straight from the horse's mouth


Blogger simulev said...

Religion of peace by pice strikes again!

7:18 PM  
Blogger D said...

Indeed. But only because they encounter SO MUCH hostility and injustice themselves. I swear, why millions of Muslims want to move here and live here, I don't know...

8:56 PM  

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