Sunday, May 22, 2005


If you're going to read anything this week, read "SANCTUARY". I've linked to Bill Whittle before, his "DETERRENCE" and "STRENGTH" are rare pieces of jewelry. And he's done it again. It's long, but far too short for me. Just a taste:
These religious fanatics, who will form a mob and tear a person limb from limb if he (or especially she) so much as looks askance at a copy of the Quran, routinely and methodically have used mosques – even their most sacred mosques – as ammunition dumps, staging areas and firing positions, viewing our decency and restraint as foolishness and weakness.

These acts have been recorded so many times that it has become banal. It’s just a fact. It’s what they do.

If they had genuine respect for their own religions and holy places they would give them the widest berth available, not turn them into command bunkers, ambush sites and staging areas.

Here is a violation of Sanctuary written as plainly as the eye can see. They use safe havens -- hospitals, hotels and places of worship -- as military fortresses because they are counting on our decency and honor to spare them from retaliation.
I don't like to use superlatives. But Bill Whittle merits them. Go read it all.


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