Sunday, May 22, 2005

Time to talk has passed

Calls for Israel's destruction in London heads the Jeruzalem Post, and it is no exaggeration. Good thing about democracy, such as the UK (still) has: The filth is not afraid to show itself. The downside: There's a legal obligation to treat that filth as human. But filth it remains.
A central London rally organized by the British Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Saturday heard Respect Party MP George Galloway advocate a general boycott of Israel, as well as other speeches calling for Israel's destruction.
Respect Party. Oh, the irony! And what satisfaction must you get from an audience who cries "Allah Akhbar" to your
"Israel is a racist state! It is an apartheid state! With its Apache helicopters and its F-16 fighter jets! The South African apartheid state never inflicted the sort of repression that Israel is inflicting on the Palestinians," [Andrew Birgin, of the Stop the War Coalition - Ed] said to loud applause. "When there is real democracy, there will be no more Israel!"
Am I so far gone to think that these 'people' consider themselves at war with Israel, with the Jews? (Although they would probably deny the latter).
Then George Galloway speaks. The UK Labour party has spawned a disproportionately large number of insane Jewhaters, but Galloway ranks among the
top one percent. He is corrupt to the core, biased beyond belief by his marriage to a Jordanian woman who may well be closely related to Yasser Arafat and has demonstrable links with terrorists as well as Hussein himself. But he thinks:
"It's about time that the British government made some reparations for the Balfour declaration," said Galloway. "Instead, Tony Blair said that Israel has no better friend than the British government. We say to Mr. Blair: You should be ashamed by that.

"The Palestinian people are like the 300 Spartans holding the pass of Thermopylae, until the others can arrive and come to their side. We will join them, by boycotting Israel. By boycotting Israeli goods. By picketing the stores that are selling Israeli goods," he said to cheers and applause.
I think the comparison with Thermopylae is apt. He just got the sides wrong: The Greeks under Leonidas were responsible for saving all of Europe from invasion by the Persians. If it were up to Galloway, 2500 years later the Persians would succeed where they failed at Thermopylae.

It is Israel that forms an as yet insurmountable obstacle to the Islamic conquest of the West. Israel is Thermopylae. The Jews that live there are the Chosen 300.

And Galloway, and all those like him should be shot for the traitorous fifth columnists that they are.


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