Monday, May 30, 2005

'Palestinians' surprised again

When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the 'Palestinians' were the only ones in the world who rooted for Saddam. Openly. They were hostile to the Kuwaiti's, and were begging Saddam to bomb Israel as well, which he obligingly did.

Quelle surprise when the Kuwaiti's expelled the traitorous Arabs the moment Saddam had his ass handed to him by the US-led coalition forces. The 'Palestinian' sentiment was idiosyncratic anyway, because there were tens of thousands of 'Palestinian' labourers in Kuwait, totally dependant upon the goodwill of the oil despots. Most were kicked out the moment the oil ticks were back in the saddle.

And now the same thing is happening again. In
Following reports that Palestinians have been involved in the latest wave of terrorist attacks in Iraq, Palestinian Authority officials on Sunday expressed deep concern that the new Iraqi government would deport thousands of Palestinians.

The Palestinian community in Iraq consists of some 200,000 people, who are mostly located in Baghdad. Saddam Hussein granted the Palestinians special privileges and paid for their accommodation and education.
Ok, so the love was mutual.

I still remember the
US $25.000 rewarded to the families of 'Palestinian' homicide bombers. So I'm not all that sympathetic, and I'm not all that surprised at the Iraqi reaction either:
Another official here said Palestinians living in the Iraqi capital were being systematically harassed by Iraqi security forces. He claimed that most of the attacks were being carried out by Shi'ite soldiers serving in the Iraqi army.

Wajih al-Aghbar, 30, a Palestinian who has been living in Iraq for many years with his wife and three children, was recently transferred to a hospital in Nablus after being tortured by Iraqi security personnel.

Aghbar said he was stopped by members of the Iraqi National Guard as he was on his way to work in Baghdad.

"When they discovered that I was a Palestinian, they handcuffed and blindfolded me and took me to prison," he said. "They beat me severely and cursed me repeatedly. They told me that we Palestinians are terrorists who carry out suicide attacks that threaten world peace and security
[Emphasis mine - Ed].

They told me to leave Iraq immediately."
Even the other Arabs know their 'Palestinians' when it comes down to it. And you know what they say: One good Arab deserves another.


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