Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina and God

It seems Jews and Arabs finally agree on something: America has been punished by God, aka Allah. He sent a hurricane to destroy a city.

Read here, and here, and here.

Think about this.

Just the mere fact that an Arab also thinks it should make a sane person think twice. Clearly, sane people are in short supply these days.

God was angry because the US forced Israel to Give Gaza to the Arabs. Or because gay people were about to have a party in New Orleans (seriously!). Or because the US is on a crusade against the peaceful religion of Islam (I wish!).

So how does this work then? God is pissed off, takes a map of the continental US, closes his eyes and sticks a thumtack in a random spot on the chart? "That's where I'll let an earthquake hit those nasty Americans! Oh no, wait, that's right near the coast, a hurricane will do nicely! Let's kill a couple of thousand black people who are totally unrelated to <enter grievance of choice here>!"

Is that how it happened?

It is so sad to see people other than rabid Muslims engage in this sort of insane conjecture.

Israel gave Gaza to the barbarians. It was not America's to give.

Gay people dance and party all the time, everywhere.

The US are NOT on a crusade. Not even against Islam.

The US does not deserve this. Neither does Bangladesh, which gets hit by floods like this one every other day or so.

God had nothing to with it.
And people should stop reading their wishes into tragedies. It is sad enough the way it is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say this is a good time to stop believing in God, or Allah, or whatever.

Let's keep the traditions (Pesach, Ramadan etc), but let's skip The Lord!

1:07 AM  

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