Monday, May 22, 2006

Do you care?

If you're reading this, chances are you are a member of a privileged part of the Earth's population, generally described as The West. Although it consists of less than one-sixth of the global population, we are much richer (materially speaking at least), healthier, better educated, more free and more in control of our lives than the rest of the world, relatively speaking of course.

Through no achievement of my own, I was born in the Netherlands, to a lower-middleclass family. I was quite ill at birth, and would not have survived my first 6 weeks outside my mother's womb (or if I had, I would have had a short and miserable life) had it not been for Western medical science.

I had a Western education, which taught me all about the things Western man valued, like science, art, technology, sports, war, etc. And in all the things that the West thinks are important, people from the West excelled.

The human world as it is today is for the most part a creation of Western people. If others had a part in it, it was usually the part of an exploited, coerced, looted, raped or murdered party. I don't have much of a moral judgement on this, it was (and for the moment still is) the time of the West, and these things happened as they always did. The stronger party does as it pleases, the weaker party tries to survive.

But now the West is dying.

It is dying because our numbers are dwindling. It is dying because we no longer allow ourselves to admit that ours is a society worth preserving, a civilization superior to most others on earth. It is no longer permissible to speak the obvious truth, which is that Western civilization, with all its faults and defects, is the highest the planet has yet known.

The whole world wants what the West is, what the West has. In the far East, this desire causes people to work hard, to be inventive, creative, competitive. They will beat us at our game if we let them.

In Africa, it causes mostly indifference. Whole countries wallow in lethargy, unable or unwilling (or both) to improve their own living conditions, and resign themselves to a state of limbo, most of the time not really hell, but certainly not heaven.

In the middle-East, this causes people to feel resentment, envy and hatred. They turn to religion to make them feel better, to find consolation from the bitter sense of inferiority that Western achievements, wealth and power instill in them. And their religion instructs them to violence, war, Jihad, Dawa, conquest. Not so they will become better, but to make us less. Less than we are now. Less than them.

This conquest has now been taking place for over 30 years. It is taking place in several forms, the most important of which are:

Mass immigration
More than 30 million muslims live in Europe now. Where native Europeans fall 50% short of the replacement level of 2.1 children per family, muslim families on average have 5 children. Integration of these immigrants has been a complete and acknowledged failure. Third generation muslim immigrants have far higher illiteracy rates as do native Europeans, and they are much more prone to radicalizing within their faith as are their parents and grandparents are. These people contribute very little to our society, and the main effect of their presence is a tendency towards appeasement of Islamic terrorism and the accomodation of muslim religious practices and values.

The Oil weapon
Since 1973, when the OPEC countries instituted the oil embargo against the West for their perceived support of Israel in its defensive wars against the attacking Arab countries, Europe has placed itself in the role of helpless victim. There seems to be no limit to what we will do in order to be able to pay billions of Euro's to countries who are more dependant on us and our technology than we are on their oil. For more than thirty years there has been a consistent and unilateral move against the United States and Israel, instigated almost solely by the Arab nations (although Europe seems to be only too happy to oblige where Israel is concerned).

Europe has lost its teeth. Since WW2, the US and Europe have been on much the same side politically, but Europe has increasingly come to depend on the US for physical protection - let alone military intervention abroad. Even when action was required in Europe itself, it was the US who had to do the dirty work.
And now Europe is herself threatened. A concerted campaign of terrorism is actively influencing European policy making, as witnessed in Spain and the UK. And it seems we only need a few of those attacks to make us sit up and listen. Just the threat of more violence is enough to get us in line.

Islam is taking over Europe. Read Bat Ye'or's Eurabia, and you can see how it is taking place, but it really takes no more than a look around in almost any city in Western Europe, and the numbers speak for themselves. More than half of all the people in the larger cities under the age of 18 are recent immigrants and their descendants. They have translocated their entire culture with them, integration is a non-issue for them.
More and bigger mosques are being built all the time, funded either by oil-rich Arab countries (and with strings attached, such as the type of preachers working there), or by the host countries.
More and more segregated schools are instituted, thereby diminishing an already alarmingly low percentage of fluent native speakers and writers. These schools are producing new "members of society" who will be unable to function in any meaningful way, unable and unwilling to be productive and creative contributors to this society.
In the Netherlands, in 2005, the name most often registered for new-born baby boys was "Mohammed".

Think of what this will mean when that generation grows to adulthood. Combine it with their 3.5 times higher rate of offspring, and you can see where Europe will be in 40 years.

In the meantime, European politicians and media, in particular its political Left, keep feeding us lies about the causes for the failure of immigrants to contribute in any meaningful way.

So. Native Europeans are becoming extinct because of their unwillingness to reproduce. We think we can supplement our dwindling numbers by importing people belonging to radically different (and in this case hostile) cultures, and turn them into Europeans identical to us. And in order to facilitate this new and improved form of collective grave digging, we have to ally ourselves with countries who are the declared enemies of freedom, democracy and human rights, while paying with our own money for the building of huge new mosques, the training of imams, the reunification of spouses and families, the broadcasting of proselytizing and the suppression of any form of public criticism of Islam.

We eject from our society any person brave enough to stick out their neck by exposing the backwardness and incompatibility with modern Western society of Islam.

We are under attack from outside, and we are collaborating with our attackers by giving them money, caving in to their demands, turning against their (perceived) enemies, and most importantly: Refusing to acknowledge that we are at war, and losing.

There is no law of physics prescribing that Western civilization will last forever. This is not a movie where someome will step in and save us, from our usurper or ourselves. Ours would not be the first society to perish, our demise only apparent when it is too late to do anything about it. For those who want to see, there can be no doubt.

So do you care?


Blogger Pinku said...


Read through your post with surprise the reason:

You say your western civilization is the greatest the world has seen. Are you aware that far superior civilizations were existing in the Far East when people in Europe were living in trees and eating dogs so to speak.
That the developments in science and technology that Europe gloats over was mostly brought in during the crusades by Muslims from parts of Asia. Even the simple decimal point and the ever present zero without which mathematics would not have happenned were gifts of the east.
The issue you have with Muslims (Arabs)dominating world politics through oil cleverly forgets the large number of muslims living in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, indonesia who have nothing to do with oil games. Why tar the whole Muslim community with the same brush?

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pinku, you delude yourself thinking that Muslims brought science and technology from parts of Asia. Many of the mathematical skills were developed by the ancient Greeks and Jews, long before Mohammed and his warriors, set out on a bloodthirsty crusade to rid the Arabian penninsula of Jews, Hindus and Christians.

As for people visiting Europe in the middle ages and bringing enlightement from the middle east, they were the Jews, not Muslims who did so.

It's time you revised your revisionism.

1:39 PM  

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