Monday, May 15, 2006

Why I quit blogging. For now at least.

Joseph Farah on WorldNetDaily:
[Olmert] is asking for an initial commitment of up to $10 billion in direct U.S. aid to implement his plan for national retreat, appeasement of the global jihad and a new sellout of more than 200,000 Israeli civilians who have made their homes in historically Jewish lands in Judea and Samaria at the behest and recommendation of earlier Israeli governments.

Olmert is coming here to seek administration and congressional support for a new round of "disengagement" – this time from 90-95 percent of what we often call "the West Bank" and even including large sections of the city of Jerusalem, once regarded as the eternal capital of the Jewish people.

He does this fully knowing that last summer's evacuation of the Gaza Strip has been an unmitigated disaster for the Jewish people, Western Civilization and freedom in general, as the terrorists from Hamas – kissing cousins of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida and Iran's Hezbollah organization – now control the territory and more than ever threaten the lives of Israeli citizens.

He does this fully knowing that Hamas is preparing to establish a Taliban-like state through the Palestinian Authority – including the new territories ethnically cleansed of Jews.

He does this fully knowing that these newly abandoned lands will be, like Gaza, used as terrorist staging grounds and forward operating bases that will threaten not only Israel but neighboring Jordan and Lebanon as well and, eventually, liberated Iraq.
I once had plans to move there, with my family. I gave up on those.

Maybe I too would have become a ghetto Jew, had I lived in Israel all my life, under constant threat of violence, being constantly confronted with death and mayhem among my friends and family, inflicted by psychotics following an 8th century deathcult.

Then again maybe not. Maybe I would have joined one of the small extremist groups who see what must be done but are too small to make a difference.

Probably not. I like to pick my fights, and this is one that can't be won. Israel is a losing proposition.

Not because 200+ million Arabs say so.
Not because 1+ billion muslims say so.
Not because the rest of the world says so, or doesn't care.

But because the spirit of the first and second generation of Zionists is dead. And has been replaced with that of the Eastern European appeasing ghetto Jew.
And we all know what happened to him.

So ironically, although I am perhaps the least religious person in the world, it seems I must give the Messianic Jews their due: This Israel is not legitimate. Not because it wasn't the Messiah who founded it, but because the Jews simply don't want it badly enough, and therefore don't deserve it.

The barbarians don't really want it either, but they hate the Jews having it more than the Jews love having it. And that is all that counts in the end.

That leaves me in somewhat of a fix. I don't want my sons growing up under Islamic rule here in the Netherlands, so if anyone reading this wants to sponsor a senior software architect coming to the US, I'd be grateful. It is the one country that has a fighting chance of stemming and reversing the oncoming muslim tide.

As for Israel, it seems its current trustees have squandered the legacy of the Shoah, the work of my father and his peers, and converted it into a sandcastle.

I should be glad my old man is not around to see it die, when the time comes.


Blogger Tommy André Strand said...

You are somewhat correct. Gods prophets were told to write about the events in the closing of this age. Israel will be invaded from every corner, not only by muslims, but by Russia and several, if not all "western" countries. But don't despair, Israel will cry out to God, and all of Israel will be saved in one day.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Akiva said...

Dear friend,

You put your faith in politics and politicians? You discount G-d, his Torah and the holy words of the prophets?

Yes, it is incredibly disappointing, frustrating, and painful to watch the foolish power hungry money hungry old men of Israel throw away all the gains, efforts, investments and lives of those who have built Israel.

Yet, Israel came about in a miraculous fashion, it grew and survived in a miraculous fashion (despite incredibly foolish actions by other generations of politicians).

When one chased a thousand, was it was committment and strength of arms? Now when one is chased by a thousand it's failure of committment and weakness of tactics and politics?

Neither my friend. Recognize the blessing, and also, G-d forbid, the curse. Yet, the Master of the Universe can save in the blink of an eye, can humble the foolish politicians who hope to outwit the world, exercise their power and collect a pile of cash, and overturn the circumstances with a sideways glance.

$75 oil? Massive increase in hurricains and typhoons? Tsunami? Sudden madmen (or worse, sane men with amoral positions) elected in 'palestine' and Iran?

Who could have predicted such things 3 years ago?

You look at Israel's successes and discount the impossibility of it wiht limited initial arms, and stupid decisions like the Bar Lev line?

The U.S. has many merits, but is also destroying it's merits with it's oil driven profit politics. Some merits stand will stand for it, but there will be a price to pay for its pure corporate and personal self interest.

If you view events as 'the least religious person', neither looking at the religious view nor the undercurrent of the politics, the whole thing must seem crazed.

Hazak v'Amatz, Be Strong and Brave

5:15 PM  

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