Saturday, February 04, 2006

Meanwhile, our leaders take action...

The unelected leaders of the EU propose (Dutch) a 'code of conduct' for the media in their relation with religion.

I was about to say that these people are so out of touch with the people they are meant to represent. But William Buckley shows it seems
they know what's what after all:
There are Europeans who are satisfied that the tradition of press liberty is asserting itself in the current challenge but who are entitled to wonder whether five, ten years from now — let alone fifty — any such frolic as that of Jyllands-Posten would in fact be tolerated. The laws asserting the freedom of the press, like most laws, depend for their fortitude on public backing. Forty-two percent of Germans, polled on the question, opposed publishing "cartoons which might hurt religious feelings."
It seems that Europe, and Holland in partcular, has forgotten about Theo van Gogh, and all his murder signifies:
[The idea of reinstating blasphemy laws] becomes especially ironic when you're like me and don't believe in God. I feel no need to deliberately offend those who do, but to me blasphemy is less evil an offense than is jay-walking. Most of Holland is for all intents and purposes secular (although Islam is rapidly changing that!), and so for most Dutch, it is actually impossible to offend God, because they don't believe He exists!

Reinstating blasphemy laws is a way to rationalize the silencing of criticism of Islam. Plain and simple.
We are giving ground to these religious psychotics (which is most muslims, apparently). We are not even putting up a fight and losing it.

We are simply submitting. To the religion of submission.


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