Friday, February 03, 2006

This country will self-destruct in...

The West is in trouble. Childbirth rates are way below replacement levels. Pensions for the elderly can no longer be maintained. Societies are going through rapid changes due to demographic upheavals. Countries find themselves dependant upon imported ill-educated nationals to fill jobs and pay taxes.

And for the first time, more native Europeans are leaving for Australia and America then there are Moroccans and Turks moving in.

Western Europe is disintegrating. The simple fact that not enough native children are born to replace their parents says it all. But nowhere is the situation more desperate than in Israel. It seems that the more proof is presented to the Israeli leadership that there IS no partner for peace, the more they look away.

So instead of dealing with Iran, instead of accepting the consequences of the Hamas election victory, Israel
turns upon its own:
PERVERSELY, WHILE the rest of the West is awake to the threat of jihad, Israel's government remains stubbornly asleep. Although all jihadist groups and societies daily declare that the destruction of Israel is one of the first aims of their war on the West, the Israeli government itself is largely in denial of both the fact that Israel is a prime target in a larger Islamic jihad and of the fact that the Palestinians see themselves as the flag bearers of global jihad in their war against Israel.

Rather than accept the reality or Israel's predicament, the current Israeli government, like its predecessors, insists that the real "root" of the global jihad being waged against it is the presence of Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria or the absence of Palestinian statehood in general.
Olmert's decision to send a force of 6,000 policemen to the community of Amona on Wednesday in order to destroy nine homes was an act of deliberate provocation. His aim was to divert the attention of Israeli voters from the Hamas state in Gaza and the Hamas state-in-the-making in Judea and Samaria by providing them with pictures of settlers battling riot police. This was necessary because Olmert's only policy regarding Hamas is to transfer Judea and Samaria to their control.
Caroline Glick leaves no doubt about what the direct consequences of this willful blindness will be:
In light of this, Olmert and his associates desperately strive for the Israeli electorate to ignore the fact that the only real issue on the agenda today is whether Hamas will rule over Judea and Samaria or the Israeli military will rule over Judea and Samaria. As Israelis learned from 2000 to 2002, when the IDF cedes control over Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians, life for Israelis becomes impossible. The security of Tel Aviv is dependent on Israel maintaining control of Jenin, Nablus, Kalkilya and Tulkarm. The security of Jerusalem is dependent on Israeli control of Bethlehem, Ramallah and Hebron.
In effect, another 'disengagement' will take place.

I don't believe there is Jew alive in Israel who thinks that all will be well once the Arabs get another country. I am convinced that they all realize another war will erupt one day. It could be started by the Arabs, because they again feel strong and confident enough, or it could be another defensive war like '67, when Israel realizes war is imminent and decides to strike first.

I also think Israel believes it will win this war, any war. I think there is a dangerous, if not fatal confidence in its military superiority. I don't want to go into wether this confidence is justified, because I think it shouldn't matter: Israel is not only nourishing and feeding its existing enemies, it is actually creating them where there were none before. This war is inevitable, and yet it is unnecessary.
There are many similarities between the Arabs and the Nazi's, not the least of them their hatred of the Jews, but here's the most painful one: Hitler could have been stopped at several points in history by the parties that were forced to deal with him in 1939 and onwards. But they didn't, and as a result, the conflict turned into a world war. Whereas the scale of the conflict would have been so much smaller, had the Allies intervened in Checkoslovakia, or Austria.

But Israel? Not only do they let the Arabs proceed unhindered, in this analogy, they actually clear the lands of themselves (by force) before the barbarians invade.


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