Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's official: Pat Buchanan has gone insane

The fact that Pat Buchanan is a Jew-hating moron is widely accepted. Its cause is less well known, but I'm beginning to suspect there's a biological or medical problem underlying it, because the phenomenon is getting worse. In a piece of garbage at WorldNetDaily, the symptoms manifest themselves more clearly than ever before. One of the characteristics of a true nutbag is his ability to make sense intermittently, just enough to avoid a forced admittance to the nuthouse:
Now that elections have been held, what do the returns show?

Propelled into or toward power have been Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, pro-Iranian Shiite zealots in Iraq, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Hamas in Gaza and on the West Bank.
Buchanan is of course completely correct on the (predictable) effects of free and fair elections for a people who are neither free nor fair. He doesn't even mention Algeria, where hundreds of thousands have died after radical muslims won the elections but were kept out of power by the army.

And then Buchanan's madness returns with a verngeance:
What will Hamas do? They are not going to disarm in the face of an Israeli military that has been killing Palestinians – collateral damage, of course – at four times the rate that Palestinians have been killing Israelis. They are not going to give up their trump card and recognize Israel's right to exist before they get a Palestinian state.
First, he slips in a nice bit of moral equivalence, the old "Israeli's killed more 'Palestinians' than vice versa". Well good thing they did too, seeing most of the Arabs killed were in fact still clutching their weapon when they suddenly faced Allah, or had in some other creative way been involved in that favourite Arab passtime, Jew-killing. Whereas most Israeli's killed by 'Palestinians' were civilians, often children, on buses, in bars and cinema's.
Nice one, Pat.

And as for not having recognized Israel's right to exist as a "trump card", well, obviously Pat has never played poker.

But Pat has a great idea:
Let me propose another course. Put Hamas on probation.

For almost a year, Hamas has held to a truce with Israel and not engaged in attacks. Let America and Europe send word that if the truce holds, if Hamas does not attack Israeli civilians, if Hamas show its first concern is, as it claims, bettering the life of the Palestinian people, we will let the aid flow. But if Hamas reignites the war, we will not finance the war. We will terminate the aid.
Pat thinks Hamas has held to a truce, for a year even. This is too silly to respond to. But for Pat, this is more than enough reason to give them millions, even billions perhaps, and if they then violate or end the truce, ok, then stop giving them millions or billions. No matter that the money received until then will already have been spent on weapons and explosives to - you guessed it - kill Jews. But I forget, for Pat that is not such a bad plan to start with.
Understandably, the Israelis are close to hysterical over the landslide for Hamas and are on a diplomatic campaign to have all donors end all aid to a Palestinian Authority dominated by Hamas.
I haven't observed any hysteria in Israel, Pat. Ever. Certainly not over the election of one bunch of Jew-killers over another. And in case you forgot Pat, Hamas was still regarded as a terrorist organization by most civilized countries, including the US, last time I looked. Do you propose to fund Al-Qaeda next Pat, if and when they get elected in Afghanistan? So they can buy new Boeings? has been Israel's behavior, and uncritical U.S. support for that behavior, that produced this victory for Hamas.
Yes, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not forgeries after all Pat. 'Palestinians' voted for Hamas because of the despair, the oppression, the occupation, right Pat? And the Irish love Jews too.

It is rumoured that Hitler had syphilis, and that this was if not the, then certainly a reason for his insanity.

Pat should have himself tested for a STD. The result might explain a lot.


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