Thursday, January 26, 2006

Like it matters who won

With victory looming, senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri said the group wanted to work with Fatah in a "political partnership".

But he said Hamas would not hold peace talks with Israel.

"Negotiations with Israel is not on our agenda," he said.

"Recognising Israel is not on the agenda either now."
"Prime Minister"
"political partnership"

These terms mean nothing in the alternative dimension (created by Western politicians and media) that is 'Palestine'.

In a stunning development ahead of official election results...
What choice did 'Palestinians' really have? Was there any 'party' that ran on a platform of peaceful cooperation with Israel, unconditional recognition of Israel, abdication of violence against Israel?

Would any 'Palestinian' have voted for that party, had there been one?

One group of murderous thugs vying with another on who receives the UN cash, who gets to distribute the guns and explosives, and who decides on the best way to kill Jews.

UPDATE: Cox&Forkum feel the same way.

In the end, they do not disagree about anything. Now we wait and see how long it will take before the first cowardly Jew sits down with his wannabe-assassin and starts dealing.

It won't be long.


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