Friday, January 20, 2006

Israel's course.

Before I describe what is in my view the only course Israel can take if it wants to remain a sovereign Jewish nation, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I am not an extremist. I do not hate Arabs. I am however the kind of person that does not engage in wishful thinking, and despizes it in others.

So what do I consider wishful thinking?
Wishful thinking to me is considering Iran's quest for nuclear energy as nothing more than the desire for an alternative source of energy. If a person believes that, after everything that has been said by Iran's ruling order with regard to Israel's existence, then that person can be said to engage in WT.

Another example of WT is insisting that all the 'Palestinians' want is a country of their own, and once they have that, all will be well for Israel. If after all the opportunities there have been for the Arabs calling themselves 'Palestinians' (starting in 1947), after all the hatred and incitement that continues to this very day, after all the concessions by Israel that are rewarded by ever more brazen demands and cries for violence, if after all that a person stil believes all these Arabs want is another country, then that person can be said to engage in WT.

There are plenty more examples, but the jist is clear: I believe that Israel wants peaceful coexistence in the Middle-East, and the vast majority of the Arabs do not. I also believe that the Arabs regard this a long-term issue, and that it is purely a matter of endurance. The last man standing. They will not allow Israel to live in peace, and the only reason for the absence of overt war is the certainty of defeat in such a war. Hence the low level covert war that has been going on to varying degrees, on different 'fronts' since 1973.

I also believe that there is not once country on this planet, other than Israel itself, that feels it has anything to gain by a strong, sovereign and independant Israel. All the players in the drama have much more stake in the Middle-East on the side of the Arabs than they do in Israel. In fact, this to me is so self-evident that I challenge anyone to come up with an example of a care where a country - ANY COUNTRY - had a clear, vested interest in Israel being safe, at peace, and prosperous.

Ariel Sharon is gone from politics. Many people like to believe his stroke was divine retribution for his betrayal of the Jews, but that is nonsense. In fact, it is proof of the absence of God, because God would have removed Sharon from office one way or another long BEFORE he was able to do the damage that he did.
Nevertheless, gone he is, and here's a chance for Israeli's to put a man at the helm who can at least keep Judea and Samaria. A man who regards Israel as a sovereign nation and not as a dhimmi state to the US. A man who is not afraid to bomb Hezbollah out of existence, not afraid to televize the hanging of Abbas and every other 'Palestinian' leader who shows anything but true remorse and revulsion for every terrorist attack.

Does such a man exist? And if he does, will Israeli's elect him? The latter question is of course the weightier. Sharon was elected on a tough platform, and he completely reversed himself once in office, and subsequently allied himself with previously diametrically opposed political parties.

Israeli's of course in the end have no one to blame but themselves. By all the signs it seemed to be clear that Sharon was going to win the next elections with his new party, Kadima. This to me is incomprehensible. President Bush Sr. once said "Read my lips. No new taxes!", he raised taxes anyway, and was solidly defeated at the next elections. Send such liars packing!
And what Sharon did was much worse. He didn't screw over his constituents financially, he led them down the path of self-defeat. I don't know what Bush or Rice threatened him with, but he should have just spat in their face. In a figure of speech, or course.

But Israeli's were going to elect him PM. Again. No excuse this time for buying into his treason.

I'm going to say something really astounding here. It's something that's been nagging at me for some time now. At first it seemed unspeakable, but I think it needs to be said.

As Israel faces the brunt of the onslaught of Islam, it suffers more than any other country from a lethal desire for peace, a longing for quiet. And Israeli's are more and more willing to pay any price, to follow any man who promises to get them there.

It took me a lot of effort, but I succeeded in imagining a world without Israel.

It will be a world in transit. Because it will mean that Islam has won a decisive battle. Europe will fall with few hickups after that.

The world in general, and the US and EU in particular will bear a substantial responsibility. But the major part will fall on the shoulders of the Jews themselves. There was nothing stopping them but they themselves. There's nothing stopping them now. From being free. From being unafraid, and safe. From being Jews in their own sovereign land.

There is still time. To choose freedom, and not the ghetto.


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