Thursday, January 19, 2006

About that Mohammed guy...

David Wood made me laugh out loud when he compares Mohammed to John Wayne Gacy:
True, there are plenty of instances in Muhammad's life that one could view as the deeds of a moral individual, and Muslims are quick to point out his acts of charity and his dedication to prayer. However, in assessing the overall character of a man, we must take into account all of his actions, not just the ones that support our feelings about him. For instance, suppose I become convinced that the greatest person in history was a man named John Gacy. I could point to his charity work at local hospitals, to his activities in the Boy Scouts and the Jaycees[2], to his patient endurance of numerous physical ailments, to his community activities such as neighborhood barbecues and other social gatherings, to his generosity to others, to his dedication to his family, and to his outstanding work ethic, which made him one of the pillars of his local business community. Yet, if I am to make a case for the moral superiority of Mr. Gacy, I must not leave out the fact that he raped, tortured, and murdered more than thirty boys and buried them under his house.[3]
Wood makes a good case in showing why Islam had such a bad start (morally speaking) with Mohammed as its prophet. I am no Christian, but certainly, Jezus makes a better role model than Mohammed.
Please read the whole
FrontPageMag article.


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