Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The new Goebbels

Hany Abu-Assad is an Arab Palestinan who lives and works in Holland. He first drew headlines when he published a "documentary" which turned out to be completely fictional, called "Ford Transit". When caught on his lies, he simply called it artistic freedom, and all of artistic and Leftist Holland nodded yes, and went on with business as usual. A previous "documentary" of his was equally false, with complete fabricated scenes, played by actors, posing as reality.

All of Europe eats it up and demands more. Awards galore. Instead of being branded the lying terrorist supporter that he is, Assad has become a celebrity.

Then comes "Paradise Now". Assad actually calls this a movie. He does not claim it is reality. No, this is even more vile. For a complete review, go
here. The article also goes into the psyche of the pro-Arab European, who attempts to dissect the mindset of the suicide terrorist, but has one cause as the only possible outcome: The despair, oppression, lack of freedom, lack of perspective that all 'Palestinians' suffer from under Israeli 'occupation'. Another chilling part of the article goes into the indoctrination that comes with this "analysis", almost forcing students to empathize with Arabs intending to commit mass-murder on Jews.

Hany Abu-Assad is another exponent of exported Arab terrorism. He does not use guns or explosives, but his propaganda may well be even more destructive in the longer run.


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