Sunday, October 09, 2005

On the banning of pigs.

It seems the MSB (MainStreamBlogosphere) has picked up on the recent Muslim buttfuck parts of UK officialdom have gladly submitted to.
Everyone I read is upset, insulted, outraged or better. But no one seems to see the bigger picture.
I heard one blogger earnestly ask herself:
What kind of idiot is so offended, so humilated and degraded by an animal someone has on their desk, that they have to issue a Draconian ban on it? Are you serious? The very sight of Piglet is enough to send you rolling on the floor in humilation? More importantly, why should the rest of us give a shit?
This from an Arab blogger too.

I would have thought that to ask this question is to answer it: It is not about the pig. It is about having things their way, about forcing their ways upon us. About making us second-class citizens in our own lands.

Muslims forced Nike to stop the sale of a certain shoe. Offended sensitivities.
Muslims forced Burger King to recall a line-drawing of an ice-cream cone. Sensitivities were again offended. Daniel Pipes has the details of both cases.

And the West bends over and happily takes it up the ass.

On a macro scale, they attack and murder us, and blame us for making them do it.
On a micro scale, they infest our inner cities, refuse to learn the local language, live on welfare, and make women and the elderly live in fear.

They are a plague. They cannot live among themselves either, so they invade the rich West. And we let them. We let them destroy us, even cooperate with them, and we aid them in their vicious war against the one country that should serve as an example to them, but which only presses home the painful fact of their cultural and religious inferiority: Israel.

Please read Robert Spencer. Please read Bat Ye'or.

This is not about the pigs. Unless by pigs, we mean the followers of Mohammed.


Anonymous Robert said...

C'mon guys n' gals, fact checking required on this one. There is a difference between muslims campaigning for the pgi ban, which they were not, and welcoming a self-imposed piggy-bank ban, which they did.

What actually happened in the piggy bank case, was that a secular British institution tried to second guess the muslim community and ended up looking stupid. Same goes for the removal of an artwork featuring the Qu'ran from the Tate Britain Gallery; and when a St George Cross Tie pin was banned from a prison officer's uniform.

Most muslims in the UK don't give a shit about whether we put coins into pig shaped boxes. They have other things to worry about. Its like saying that the entire Christian community was against Jerry Springer the Opera or Life of Brian.

There are plenty of reasons to criticise Islam - The unfathomable stupidity of British Bureaucracies is not one of them.

3:26 AM  

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