Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Israel - supplier of war criminals

A Guardian article recently reported on the narrow escape of a senior IDF officer from impending arrest by the British authorities. On a flight to Heathrow, he remained on board until the flight returned to Israel. The charges? Warcrimes against 'Palestinians'.
...Mr Almog committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip in 2002 when he ordered the destruction of 59 homes near Rafah, which Palestinians say was in revenge for the death of Israeli soldiers.
So why should any country have jurisdiction over the alledged warcrimes of an Israeli national? Belgium is the laughing stock of the world for accepting criminal charges against Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush, but it seems Britain is really no better. Who decides over jurisdiction?
Mr Workman [the judge - Ed] decided his court had jurisdiction for the offences
Oh, I guess that's ok then.

So how does this go then? Any 'Palestinian' can go to any court in any country and file charges of war crimes against any Israeli. And if that court feels authorized to handle the charges, it will issue an arrest warrant. Naturally, most European courts WILL consider themselves authorized, after all, they're impartial and unbiased, like the societies they represent. Yeah right.

If this sort of thing is not stopped cold, 'Palestinians' will be in a position to impede travel by Israeli's to any country other than the US. There's a very good reason the US does not recognize the authority of the World Court in the Hague. The International Court of Justice (a good name if you're into irony) is the UN idea of a supranational court, and it is as politicized as the UN itself.

If you're not an Muslim or a member of the non-aligned countries, you do not want to be tried there.

Israel was, and lost. Of course.

And now the courts of countries like Great-Britain and Belgium are following suit. They don't need the UN anymore to persecute Israel, they can't wait to take the lead. And how does Israel react?
Last night the Israeli foreign ministry, said: "In the past extremist Palestinian organisations have tried to manipulate legal processes in Europe for their own cynical ends. We have no faith in these groups but we have a lot of faith in the British legal system."
We really should just stop talking to these people.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,

If the International Court of Justice in the Hague can not hold Israeli's responsible for their terrorist actions towards Palestinians, who can? Where's the justice in that? We're talking about people here, people which have been oppressed by Israeli's during the occupation of Gaza by Israel. I agree that the International Court of Justice may not be the most ideal legal body (yet) to address these issues. But as long as Israeli's themselves will not address these crimes against Palestinian's, because a lot of Israeli's see Palestinians as inferor people, where will justice be? Don't you think Palestinian's deserve justice too, since they are as much human as you are?


8:00 PM  
Blogger D said...

I don't want to go into your 'oppression of Palestinians' here. I may dedicate a separate post to that subject. Suffice it to say that the 'Palestinians' would not have been oppressed had they not made killing Jews their main goal in life.

As far as jurisdiction goes, it can only be Israel itself. Just as any CIVILIZED country should try its own ...suspects, for lack of a better word.
And if the accused came from, let's say Egypt, or Syria, there'd be no point in a trial. It would be like playing for the home team. Have you read who's on that court?!

'Palestinians' get justice in Israel. They won cases against the building of the fence. They won cases against expropriations.

It's not as if they live in Iran or some such place.

10:02 PM  

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