Friday, November 11, 2005

If you don't like the news... (II)

Not the first time news that by all reasonable standards SHOULD make headlines does NOT.

For two weeks in a row now, France has been plagued by rioting 'disaffected youths'. A few days ago, the French government declared a
state of emergency, and since then, the rate of cars burned has dropped from nearly 2000 a night to only about 500. So the MSM has made this inconvenient little row drop completely off the radar.

You would have to be really determined to even find out if the riots are still going on or not. Because the MSM are not telling. Even in France itself, a memorial for disgusting sick perverted fuck Arafat warrants more attention by the media than the near-civil war.

THOUSANDS of police officers on extra duty in Paris alone, just to help contain riots that the MSM seem to think have completely abated.
"Today, we don't want an armistice - we want peace," national police Chief Michel Gaudin told reporters.

"An armistice is a temporary halt. What we want is definitive peace for the suburbs."
It seems the French police have discovered what a "Hudna" means. Next stop: Jizya


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