Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fact and fiction in an Israeli jail

Marwan Barghouti is an Arab massmurderder, responsible for the violent deaths of at least 14 people directly, and the organizing of dozens of terrorist attacks. He is the founder of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, one of the three main terrorist organizations currently at war with Israel. Barghouti currently resides in an Israeli jail after being sentenced to five consecutive life terms and loose change.

By any standard, this man is a declared mortal enemy of Israel:
After we attain a Palestinian state [in the “West Bank”/Judea and Samaria], there will be greater things for which to strive...There is no room for more than one state between the Jordan and the Mediterranean.
Caroline Glick of the Jeruzalem Post reports that the Israeli authorities have allowed Jihad TV 1 and 2 (aka Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya) to interview him. True to form, the monster extolled terrorism, explained that the Fatah platform calls for terrorism in parallel with negotiations, pressed for a continuation of the Palestinian terror war against Israel, and promised Palestinian voters and the Arab world writ large that Fatah could be counted on to destroy Israel.

At this point, three men walked into the cell. As the interviewers watched and the cameramen recorded, two of the men forced Barghouti on his knees. The third man then drew out a large knife and began sawing the terrorist's head off, starting at the adam's apple. Gruesome screaming and gurgling accompanied the cries of terror and fear from the reporters, as blood splattered and flowed across the jail cell. Relative quiet only returned after Barghouti's head was placed on his still-spasming body, with only the weeping of the Arabic interviewer left to disturb the peace.

Oh. That was just my darker side taking over. It didn't actually happen. What did happen was this: After concluding the interview, with more calls for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews, the reporters were escorted back outside and Barghouti was led back to his cell, where he was fed. After that he went outside for an hour's rest and recreation, followed by a movie at night.

If I had had a choice between these two scenario's (one of which actually took place), I would have chosen mine. Because the alternative is just too horrible: Israel bending over, insisting on being part of the civilized world, assisting in its own murder.

Those who forget the lessons of the past are condemned to repeat them. And this is Judenrat behaviour at its worst.


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