Friday, January 20, 2006

Israel's floundering

Ilana Mercer writes about Israel's self-destructive behaviour. I did too, but I'm going to let her show you how bad it is in Israel itself:
Henceforth, the Palestinians, aided by their E.U. patrons and the Egyptians, will be trusted to prevent the smuggling of weapons, explosives and terrorists from Egypt into Gaza at the Rafah crossing. (Remember, the Muslim Brotherhood is the unofficial representative of the Egyptian people; and Hamas a rib from the Brotherhood's rib cage). Israel's security has thus been turned over to the Egyptians and the Palestinians (who now, naturally, revere Rice.)
The 'Palestinians' and the Egyptians will be trusted... The Egyptians have been actively supplying the 'Palestinians' with weapons for decades, when they should have been policing the border in accordance with agreements with Israel. There will be less monitoring than ever before, but the Arabs will suddenly stick to the agreement?
It gets worse. In the case of a terrorist threat – a daily reality in that country – Israel is not permitted to shut down the crossing from Gaza into Israel, located on its territory. Instead, it must wait for Washington's authorization. Not even Jack Bauer, hero of "24," and the Houdini of Counterterrorism, could save the day under such constraints.
Washington's authorization. The only words that come to mind when I read this are REALLY unfit to print.
The Palestinians will also be performing customs inspections at Israel's Kerem Shalom terminal. Remember the Middle Eastern airport screeners at Dulles airport who looked the other way as two of the 9-11 hijackers set off the metal detectors? No, I suppose you don't.

To top it all, the stretch separating Gaza and the West Bank – also Israeli territory – is now terra incognita to Israelis, but not to terrorists. They are allowed to move freely between Gaza and the West bank, because Israel is no longer permitted to stop them, search their vehicles, or arrest them.
Israel is giving away sovereignty and territory left and right. It is sacrificing parts of itself to appease a ravenous hyena, to still its hunger for a little while. A period to close its eyes and pretend all is well, life is normal.
The hyena returns, of course. It has learned it will be fed again, instead of being castrated or shot dead, like it should have been a very long time ago.

The question is of course: Who has taught the hyena this lesson?


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