Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The pain of millions

Muslims worldwide are hurting. They are in pain. They are suffering, because their prophet was drawn up in cartoons. And not just any, he was actually made fun of.

I have heard lots of people argue for the right of the Danish newspaper to publish what they want, for freedom of the press.

I have heard the Danish government argue that they won't apologize for the insult because that would interfere with said freedom.

But I have yet to hear a single person wonder out loud exactly what the problem is.

A Danish newspaper publishes a dozen cartoons of some guy that lived in Arabia in the 6th century, and now people in Pakistan, Egypt, Iran and the rest of the muslim world are in pain, feel insulted?

The real problem here is that the West is actually responding to this lunacy. It is the same lunacy that swept the West after the alleged koran 'desecrations'. I had
a cure for that, and it would work just as well in this case. How long do you think muslims would keep at it if cartoons of Mohammed getting anally penetrated by his donkey appeared daily? Perhaps not in the best taste, but for a worthy goal, surely we could publish cartoons of Mohammed marrying a five year old girl? (Oops, that really happened)
Muslims worldwide would resent us for it, but then, they don't like us much now either.

The current uproar fits in the picture of dhimmitude. If they can get governments to apologize to them, for whatever, they have scored a point, set a precedent. Even if they get a government to apologize for not being able to apologize (which is effectively what the Danish government did), they have won another small victory, and more importantly, we have lost some more ground.

We will have admitted that it actually matters that muslims get offended by whatever we say about Mohammed. That their 7th century barbaric rituals - and the person who conceived of them - are more important to us than our freedom of speech, freedom of the press.

We are saying that Khomeini was right when he
condemned Salman Rushdie to death for writing "The Satanic Verses".

We don't apologize to the Pope when the catholic faith is offended. And we shouldn't.
We certainly don't apologize to Jews when their religion is offended. And we shouldn't.

The fact that we make an exception for muslims is a grave mistake. And all the more ominous because Islam deserves to be ridiculed even more than other ideologies.

So I'm starting the treatment today, right now, right here:

Translation: "Highpoint from the children's koran: 9-year old Aisha loses her virginity to the prophet Mohammed"


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