Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I used to be allergic to many things. Cats, dogs, well any animal really. Flowers, plants, trees, come to think of it, almost any living thing could set off a sneezing fit or the most terribly itching skin. But these days, my allergies hardly ever bother me at all anymore.

The way to get rid of allergies is not to isolate yourself from whatever is it you're allergic to. This makes you MORE sensitive. No, what you do is (well, what the doctor does), you find out what it is that makes you sneeze, or itch (or, as in my case, both) and you inject yourself with it. In such doses that you can handle it, but your body becomes accustomed to it.

It can take a long time (I did it for 18 months, a shot once every week), but it worked. I can play with animals (I own cats AND dogs), I can lie in the grass and the hay, I can swim in chlorinated pools, I can sleep under a wollen blanket, and I feel fine. Once in a while, hayfever gets to me, but it happens about a 1000x less than before.

The quality of my life has improved dramatically thanks to this desensitization regimen.

I think we as a Western society have a duty to do the same for Muslims. We should help them by desensitizing them. Much as orthodox Christians have learned to accept gay men holding hands and kissing each other, having their religion ridiculed on TV, so should Muslims get used to their Koran being urinated on and being flushed down the toilet. Their Bible may be sacred to them, it is not to anyone else. It is tiresome for us to have to tiptoe around their sensitivities, and as I've shown before, we're not helping them by doing so. Such anger is bad for their bloodpressure, and it upsets their children, who then want to blow us up.

Salman Rushdie was the first in modern times to start the treatment of the collective Islamic world. It was a careful start, after all, you do not inject a person with a full dose of Cobra venom if you want them to survive.
But recent events have made it clear that Muslims worldwide are ready for the next phase. This phase should consist of daily broadcasts of Koran burnings, of weekly airings of mass conversions of Muslims to random other religions, of Mohammed being made fun of as a drag queen, a pedophile, an illiterate, etc, you get the drift.

If we did this consistently for a year, 18 months max, Muslims might still not be happy about it, but they would HAVE to quit seething about every perceived trespass against any and every aspect of their religion. They would relax, and regard their religion as their private affair, to which all other people and events are ultimately irrelevant.

And the quality of their lives would improve dramatically.
This allergy treatment would fall under the heading of "tough love".

Muslims the world over would love us even more than they do now. I for one can't wait to start the treatment!


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