Monday, September 04, 2006

Jews for childkillers

Exchanging something outwardly resembling a human being for an actual human being who was abducted by more of the outwardly human-looking walking deprevities: Lebanon, Hezbollah has made his release one of its key demands in negotiations to secure the freedom of Ehud Goldwasser, 31, and Eldad Regev, 26, the two Israeli soldiers it captured on July 12, triggering a 34-day war.

Qantar’s role in the attack on the coastal town of Nahariya 27 years ago would make this an especially bitter pill for Israelis to swallow. A policeman was killed and a family taken hostage when Qantar’s group burst into their home.

Danny Haran, 28, was shot at close range in front of his terrified four-year-old daughter Einat, whose head was then smashed with a rifle butt.

The dead man’s wife Smadar hid in a loft with their two-year-old daughter Yael, keeping a hand over her mouth to stop her crying out. But the girl suffocated, leaving Smadar Haran bereft of her husband and both daughters.
This religious psychopathic childmurderer is one of a number of candidates to be set free as part of the extortion deal to release the abducted Israeli soldiers.

Nice going, Olmert. I can only hope for another stroke to find the right person.

Please read the whole article.


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