Friday, July 21, 2006

The Moral Highground?

Ilana Mercer (one of the brightest spirits in the blogosphere) paints the picture of Israel and its wannabe-destroyers exactly right:
True, the blame for civilian casualties lies indirectly with Hezbollah (and Hamas), which targets civilians and hides among them. Although necessary, this fact, however, is not sufficient to exempt Israel from responsibility for its direct actions. For those, Israel can't shirk accountability. It can't claim it didn't intend to take out civilians when Israeli generals can both see and foresee the devastating results of their bombardments.

But if the Israeli army is called off, what of Israeli civilians? The blunt protection of the state is all they have. The Murder Inc. of the Middle East has placed itself outside the law – national, international and natural. Does this mean it must remain forever beyond the reach of any law, however imperfect?
Yet she sees a risk that
Israel's pulverizing of Lebanon – blowing the place to kingdom come, killing hundreds of civilians and displacing thousands – threatens to sunder its moral superiority.
She continues to describe with 100% accuracy the present situation, as well as the future that would become reality if Israel does not take drastic action now. She is also aware that no one else will act appropriately.

And yet the biggest risk she sees is losing the moral highground?

How about losing Jewish lives? How about losing the state of Israel? How about making your mortal enemy pay a price he is unable and unwilling to pay?

Morals are a luxury. They are not even secondary.

Don't worry about losing the moral highground. Worry about losing the ACTUAL highground.


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