Friday, June 18, 2004

Let Europe be Europe

Victor Davis Hanson has another brilliant analysis of the US-European relationship, its problems and their cause.

I live in the Netherlands, and although we are more usually on the US side than on the French (indeed, we have an actual military presence in both Afghanistan and Iraq), there's no escaping the French-German domination.
And France is leading us, on the fast train to Eurabia.
So there's no escaping the "demographic timebomb" as Hanson puts it.

Quote: 'It was moving to commemorate the Normandy invasion on its 60th anniversary, but politely left unsaid amid the French-hosted celebrations was the real story of 1944 and 1945. We owe it to the dead, not just the living, to remember it with some integrity and honesty. Most of the Nazis' own European subjects did little to stop their mass murdering. There was no popular civilian uprising inside Germany or out. Most Germans were hostile to the onslaught of American armies in their country, preferring Hitler and the Nazis even by 1945 to so-called American liberators. When they did slur the Fuhrer it was because he brought them ruin, not the blood of millions on their hands. When they did stop fighting the Americans, it was because the thought of surrendering to the Russians was far worse.

Most Frenchmen either refused to resolutely fight the Germans or passively collaborated. The idea of a broad resistance was mostly a postwar Gallic nationalist myth. Those who spearheaded a few attacks on German occupiers were more likely led by Communists than by allied sympathizers, and thus fought in hope more of an eventual Soviet victory over the Nazis than an American one.'

If you're gonna read anything this weekend, read this.


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