Thursday, June 17, 2004

UN-caused convulsions coming on...

UN to Caterpillar: Don't sell bulldozers to Israel
I got this link thru LGF (A drop-in at least once a day is mandatory, and good for the spirit as well).

The gist of the story is this: Some UN SoB (Jean Ziegler (who is a man), and get this, he is - the United Nations' special expert on the right to food - EXPERT ON THE RIGHT TO FOOD NO LESS! I am impressed.) felt emboldened by a UN Human Rights Commission (chaired by countries like Lybia and the like) resolution to prod the Caterpillar Corporation into boycotting sales of its bulldozers to Israel.

Think about this for a moment. Some unelected stooge feels authorised by a worthless document drawn up by some of the worst regimes on the planet to organize a boycott against Israel. In the name of the UN.

What this signifies is this: When people keep claiming UN General Assembly resolutions mean shit, they are wrong, for the following reasons:
  1. Many ordinary decent people don't know the difference between GA and SC resolutions
  2. GA resolutions appear to be drafted and adopted democratically (when of course they're not
  3. When left unchallenged these resolutions take on a life of their own
  4. Eventually people will accept them as law
Which in turn causes Useful Idiots like Jean Ziegler (who is a man) to feel authorized to take action (of course action on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs and AGAINST Israel).

I cannot overstress the importance of the need to realize the UN is one of the great evils of this world. I have yet to see a single good come from it. But I can demonstrate enough evil caused by it to turn anyone's stomach.

UPDATE: Haaretz has the following article on the same subject, but has more detail on the interaction between Caterpillar and Jean Ziegler (who is a man).

SO GET THIS: This stooge, this moron, this pervert is doing what he can, using the powers (limited though they may be) by the UN to boycott Israel.
While nothing is said (nor should it be) about the business dealings of Caterpillar with China, Syria, Iran, North-Korea, and any other country you wish to find out about.

This is not about "the poor Palestinians". This is not about ethics, or concern about misuse. It's about the Jews. ANY excuse will do to harass Israel. ANY.


Blogger Bubbi said...

Well said Daniel!
The UN is a joke, a dangerous one at that.
I was in Israel last June and i will tell you that the media reporting on Israel was a huge eye opener. The truth and "the rest of the story" seem lost when the media reports.

3:49 PM  

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