Friday, August 20, 2004

The US is not a friend

As I've commented numerous times (and as on of my favourite books on the subject proves beyond all doubt), the US is not a friend or ally of Israel in the actual sense of the word. The US uses Israel in a chess game with the partners it has real interests in, mainly Saudi Arabia.

Israel for its part plays this game because something useful drops by the wayside every now and then. But Israel knows the score on this issue, and has known for decades. US trade with Saudi runs in the billions for arms sales alone, and Saudi for its part exports fully 20% of its oil to the US.

I think this policy is wrong. I think Israel should refuse to be a tool of the US, no matter what the (imaginary?) benefits may be. Israel should deal with other parties based on its strengths, not its weaknesses.

One of those weaknesses is its dependency on US arms.
U.S. DENIES ADVANCED HELLFIRE TO ISRAEL makes it clear that the whims of the US administration, its State Department in particular, can have deadly consequences for Israel. As "The Secret War Against The Jews" documents, the US has no qualms betraying Israel when "the need" arises.

A REAL friend and ally does not withhold technology and equipment from a partner who has been in a war for survival ever since its birth.

The US has done this numerous times.

And what's more, Israel doesn't need the US. It is a country capable of taking care of itself. It is high time it took note of that fact.


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