Thursday, August 19, 2004

If it's bad news, you can take an Arabs word for it

The Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyassa recently reported that Iran has delivered missiles to Hizbullah in Lebanon via Syria, and that Iran and Syria are cooperating closely in missile development and deployment.
Indispensable for anyone wanting to keep up to date, MEMRI has the following news. And its source is an Arab newspaper. They tend to brag a lot, but not about stuff that know the rest of the world might frown upon (which is all it will do in the case of rockets aimed at Israel).
Al-Siyassa also reported that "several Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers had arrived the previous day from their headquarters at a Hizbullah military camp near the town of Qasrbana in al-Buqa' in order to unload a significant number of surface-to-surface missiles."

According to information received from the Syrian opposition in London on Saturday, August 14, the missiles "are of the most recent and improved Iranian model, with a 250- to 350-kilometer range, with which it is possible to hit any target in Israel." The sources also reported to Al-Siyassa that the two deliveries comprised 220 missiles "that Iran had not so far supplied to any foreign entity…
The Arabs (and for all intents and purposes, the Iranians qualify as such) know Israel will have to act on Iran's nuclear aspirations. In fact, the longer Israel waits (for the UN to act?!), the more expensive such action will be.
It was also stated that in the event of such an Israeli attack, "Hizbullah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Lebanon overseeing the deployment and maintenance of thousands of missiles of various ranges would fire these missiles at cities in the Hebrew state, which could expand the aerial attacks on the nuclear, chemical, and biological installations and uranium-enrichment plants in Iran, such that the attack would also include Syria and Lebanon." In the same article, Al-Siyassa reported that a "Syrian military source told the Syrian opposition in London that an Iranian military delegation specializing in missiles had accompanied the two deliveries to Syria, in order to oversee the deployment of the missiles in the various regions in Lebanon."
Syria is a toothless lionhyena, and it knows it. But Hezbollah is not run solely by Syria, and regardless, the Syrians might actually believe they can claim 'plausible denial'?


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