Friday, August 13, 2004

I feel ill

Deputy PM: More Withdrawals After Disengagement heads IsraelNationalNews.
"The four Jewish towns in northern Samaria which the government will dismantle as part of the disengagement plan are not going to be the only ones,” Deputy PM Ehud Olmert declared today.
It is a mistake to cede ANY land to Arabs. It may well still prove to be a mistake that Sinai was returned to Egypt (more than once, I might add). To give land to Arabs, who certainly have no stronger claim to the land than the Jews do is sickening. No American "ally" is worth such sacrifice, and the blood and grief it is sure to cost in the future.
Olmert implied that if the Prime Minister succeeded in carrying out the Gaza withdrawal, it would actually speed up the withdrawal process in Judea and Samaria. "The government is going to get rid of many settlements, and not just those willing to leave, in order to combat the daily disagreements with the nations of the world."
"the daily disagreements with the nations of the world."

So if the world would just voice its disagreement with the fact that Jews breathe and eat in order to live, they'd have to stop breathing and eating as well, according to Olmert.

Well I have news for him. For those who listen closely, the world's already stated as much. "The world" is not an entity worth listening to, if you're a Jew.


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