Wednesday, August 11, 2004

EU cash 'not diverted to terror'

Well, the truth is out. At least according to a EU investigation into donation to the "Palestinian Authority". But
The independent European Anti-Fraud Office said the inquiry was ongoing and final conclusions had not been drawn.
Most important of all of course is the fact that the EU didn't want to initiate this investigation in the first place. It took years of prodding (stalling no doubt intended to allow Arafat to hide his tracks) before OLAF took off.
But even Palestinian Arabs themselves accuse Arafat of abuse. The
EU Observer reported nearly a year and a half ago about this issue, and then today, they cast a rather different light on OLAF's findings.
What has taken OLAF so long? The PA’s own documents demonstrate how the PA and Arafat used EU funds to pay for terrorism were discovered by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and have been available for over a year.

Demand of full parliamentary investigation
Volumes of the Palestinian Authority’s own documents, including many graced by Yasser Arafat’s own signature, ordering the Palestinian Ministry of Finance – the recipient of hundreds of millions of dollars in EU budgetary aid, and additional 950 million euro in humanitarian aid just for the year 2002 – to pay members of the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade for killing Israeli citizens, or to pay for the procurement of explosives and illegal weapons.
You can of course choose to disregard anything the Israeli's offered as evidence. I mean, everybody KNOWS they are biased against the "Palestinians".

Oh wait. What the Arabs themselves say is also ignored when it inconveniently contradicts the findings of Chris Patten and his cronies.
The EU claims that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) monitors the PA budget, and European Commissioner for External Affairs Chris Patten maintains that "EU assistance has clear conditions attached to it and is closely monitored… by the IMF at the Commission's request." His office has also stated that, " the IMF conducts a close review of monthly fiscal information covering the whole of the PA budget, including …the wage bill".

In stark contrast however, IMF staff members have contradicted Patten’s claim on several occasions; the Director of the IMF’s Middle Eastern Department, George T. Abed, acknowledged on September 2002 that "with weak institutions and a budget of nearly 1 billion dollars, there has, no doubt, been some abuse. And he added that even "the Palestinian Legislative Council itself has complained about this," he said, and finally that "the IMF does not and cannot control downstream spending by the various Palestinian agencies." Nevertheless, the IMF, much like the EU does not want to be held accountable: "This matter remains between the Palestinian Authority and the donors," said Abed.
It really is hopeless. And it is hopeless not because the EU is inept (they are, but that is not the reason). It is hopeless because no matter what the evidence, the EU HAS to ignore it in order to continue to blindly support and aid the Jew-killers. Which is what they've committed themselves to, a long time ago.


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