Monday, August 09, 2004

The Source of Islamic Intolerance

Jimmy Bitton has an intriguing thesis about the source of the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.
...The answer to this question may be found by investigating two Islamic principles: Dar Al-Islam and infidels.

From an Islamic perspective, the world is divided into two camps: Dar Al-Harb - lands not yet under Islamic rule - and Dar Al-Islam - lands where Islamic shari'a law exists. Once under Islamic rule, land remains a part of Dar Al-Islam until Judgement Day.

Thus, since Palestine was once under Muslim control (634-1099 CE), it can never be relinquished.
In other words, not only have the Arabs never REALLY accepted Israel as permanent and legitimate neighbour, they NEVER WILL.
Muslims have an inherent interest of maintaining their socio-religious supremacy by denying non-Muslims equality. In the words of the Algeria's first president, "Ce que nous voulons, nous autres Arabes, c'est ךtre. Or, nous ne pourrons ךtre que si l'autre n'est pas (What we want, as Arabs, is to be. However, we can only be, if the other is not)."
This is something you see EVERYWHERE where Arab Muslims and non-Muslims live together (also in countries where Muslims are a minority, where they are immigrants): They cannot have dignity while "the other" has it, they can only have worth if "the other" does not.

Well, tough. In the end, it is the Arabs that will have to do without. At least THEY have been used to it for centuries.


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