Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Judenrat virus

As if it isn't bad enough that the BBC and other news outlets routinely place Muslim terrorists and Jewish soldiers on an even moral footing, there are plenty of Jews that do likewise. Haaretz has an especially large supply of these useful idiots, or (as they would have been employed 60 years ago) wanna-be Judenrat member.
Akiva Eldar is such a stooge. She goes into the subject of Gaza and the anarchy that reigns there. She probably even believes what she says. But what she says is simply unbelievable:
...According to reports issuing from British Intelligence sources in Ramallah, the Palestinians have arrested a number of terrorists in recent months who were on their way to suicide-bomb attacks in Israel. The reports, which have been brought to Sharon's attention, say that wanted men have been arrested and hundreds of kilograms of explosives have been destroyed. But the PA will need more than pistols to destroy the Qassam factories.

To once again enlist popular support for reconciliation and determined confrontation with extremists, the PA must be given real achievements.
"To once again enlist support..." I am truly at a loss for words at the idiocy of this "analysis". As if there ever was such support! But then she easily tops it with this:
Instead of turning the evacuation of the outposts into a means of strengthening voter confidence in President George Bush, why not take advantage of the move to strengthen Palestinian confidence in Arafat?

Israel has a special interest, now perhaps more than ever, in rehabilitating Arafat. True, he is unreliable, dishonest and manipulative, and like Shimon Peres said, he is even a little crazy. But Arafat is the only glue now preventing Palestinian society from completely disintegrating into warring tribes.

How many times must it be clarified that without Arafat's blessing, Mohammed Dahlan and Jibril Rajoub are more or less equivalent to Shaul Mofaz and Silvan Shalom without Sharon?
She compares elected Jewish officials with known Arab murderers and terrorists. She ignores 40 years of documented terrorism, murder and mayhem by Arafat and states that he is exactly what Israel needs.

Akiva Eldar. The Judenrat members were only the last to be gassed. But gassed they were.


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