Friday, August 13, 2004

The world may not want to hear about Sudan

For some odd reason (I really can't explain, I'm not kidding) Sudan's been making the headlines lately. The world's media (perhaps for a lack of anything more newsworthy) have started reporting on the genocide being perpetrated against blacks by their own government, aided by Arab militias.
Recent documented evidence of tens of thousands of people murdered, raped, displaced and sold into slavery has not been cause for the media to speak of genocide.
But genocide is exactly what has been going on. In
The Rape of Sudan, Donna Hughes shows why it is important to have a memory that goes back for more than two weeks.
Since 1983 — when the Sudan People's Liberation Army started the warfare that preceded Bashir's coup — an estimated 2 million people have been killed and 4.5 million people have become refugees and internally displaced persons. Two hundred thousand women and children have been captured for labor and sexual slavery. Some of the victims were trafficked into slavery and sexual servitude beyond northern Sudan to Middle Eastern countries.
And while it may seen like the world is ready to act, thousands of people are being murdered and raped daily still. Perpetrators? Arab Muslims. Which goes a long way to explaining the "strange" unwillingness of the planet to act. Millions. MILLIONS of people die, and the world stands idly by, does not even take notice. But Israel builds a defensive barrier, that saves not only Israeli lives but Arab ones as well, and the world condems, ostracizes and boycotts.
How do people explain this selective moral outrage they feel? To themselves?


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