Monday, August 16, 2004

Iran ostracizes Israel; IOC does not disagree

In 1972 in Munich, 11 Israeli athletes and their coaches were murdered by Arab terrorists sent by Yasser Arafat. The IOC never missed a beat, held a perfunctory one minute of silence and then went back to business as ususal.
Now, in 2004 in Athens, an Iranian Judoka refuses to compete against an Israeli athlete. His team backs his stand. And the IOC does nothing.

Why don't they just shoot the Israeli's again?

Iranian refuses to fight Israeli at Olympics


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Iranians were very clever. They didn't withdraw the judoka who had to fight the Israeli judoka. The Iranians made sure that he was overweight before the fight. That way the Iranians didn't have to withdraw him officially, and this way they avoided official steps from the IOC.

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