Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Body Shop: The name takes on a new meaning!

This is old news, but since I never saw it reported anywhere, I'll note it here anyway.

It's never a good thing when public figures or institutions take sides in a cause that isn't their own. Usually they just make themselves ridiculous, like Sean Penn did in his stance against the Iraq war. Sometimes it gets worse, like when the whore-for-Arabs-and-Communists Redgrave goes on the rampage every now and then.

It gets bad when the UN does this. And they do it a lot, as documented on this blog and in countless other places.

It is despicable when an organization like The Body Shop does it. Motivated by a do-good mentality (I hope), and unhindered by any knowledge of the subject or its history, The Body Shop has decided to award its Human Rights Award to (among others) "The National Committee for the Defence of the Rights of the Internally Displaced". Just in case you don't know who they are (and you might be forgiven, but you gotta love that neutral, inconspicuous name), they represent the Arabs (or more correctly their descendants) who fled their homes but didn't leave Israel after the 1948 war, and insist on their "right of return".
These are full citizens of Israel, who can vote and take seats in parliament (and many do). Who now get foreign funding and recognition for an overtly anti-Israel agenda. And it is becoming increasingly clear that there's no real distinction between these Arabs and the ones calling themselves Palestinians. Sympathy and cooperation with Jew-murderers is common.

Which is why the name "The Body Shop" may well come to mean something its founders had not intended. Think more along the lines of "The Body Parts" and "The Bomb Shop".

Things like this sometimes turn round and bite the person who takes such initiatives in the ass. It polarizes an issue, and forces people to think and choose. Perhaps this is what The Body Shop intended. I hope it turns out differently from what they obviously think.
here and here for more info.


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