Friday, October 01, 2004

Israel identified as cause of terrorism

You'd think that The Muslim News is perhaps not the most neutral and unbiased source for this type of news. But all they really did was report on the statements of respected (well, not by me obviously) British politicians and former cabinet members.
Two former cabinet ministers, who resigned from their posts in protest against the Iraq war, identified the failure to act against Israel as a leading cause of terrorism.

"There is deep anger in the Middle East about the perceived double standards," former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the meeting on 'Alternatives to Bush's war on terror.'

He said that a "blind eye" was turned to implementing UN resolutions against Israel and that peace must be brought to the people of Palestine.
I agree that peace should be brought to the people of Palestine. Ever since war was brought upon them by the Arabs in 1948, Europe's been quite lacking in zeal in this respect. <sarcasm>I am glad these noble Labour politicians finally see the light</sarcasm>
Please read this idiotic piece in its entirety.


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