Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More forced Eurabization

Arab Palestinian filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad is the Leni Riefenstahl of the 'Palestinians'. He makes propaganda that the Western Leftist elite swoon over. He creates fiction and presents it as documentary, as truth.

He was once exposed for this practice on his 'documentary'
Ford transit. It turned out that the 'cab driver' he claimed to have followed for a period of time was an aquaintance, and the whole movie a setup. Fiction. Putting Israel in a bad light. When found out, he claimed it was artistic license, and that he was a filmmaker, not a newsman, although until then, the movie had been presented as a documentary. Other movies of his also are deceitful mixes of lies and half-truths.

Even after his very public exposure as a fraud, this man will be the central guest of the 18th version of
IDFA (Dutch), the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. All his movies will be shown. He will present his favourite documentaries.

His ass will be kissed and fondled in a major way.

It doesn't matter how ridiculous you really are. If you hate Jews, and love or even represent Jewkillers, you will be celebrated in Europe. And all of Europe will be made to love you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His new film is called 'Paradise Now', and is a reconstruction of the last 24 hours in the lives of twee suicide terrorists. The film received a prize at the film festival of Berlin.
Maybe it's a good film, but since his treachery with 'Transit' there is always the shadow of a doubt that this film is also a fraud.
And I hate to think that his work is for a major part paid for with my tax money (VPRO, Filmfonds).

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'twee' = two :-)

11:40 PM  
Blogger D said...

The movie is about the lives of two homicide bombers.

It may be important to understand why these maniacs do the things they do (as it may be with child molesters), but I doubt very much that this is an objective study of diseased minds. With the reputation and background of the director in mind, I predict with 100% certainty that this movie intends to cast the psychopaths in the role of the victim, and the Jews in the role of perpetrators, agressors.

Europe wants, desires, longs for this type of propaganda, and there's very little can be done about it. But we can at least be truthful about it.

And as with child molesters, the first priority should always be that the Jewkillers don't harm anyone. Once we're safe, I am as interested as the next guy to see what drove them, and how to prevent sick individuals like these from being born or raised.

1:14 PM  

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