Tuesday, June 21, 2005

More peace moves

Peace Palestinian style:
Islamic Jihad terrorists opened fire today on an Israeli vehicle in the West Bank, killing Yevgeny Raider, 27-year, and wounding, Andre Zeidan, 16.

Zeidan said the terrorists blocked the road with their vehicle and started shooting, causing his car's gas tank to explode.
Hours earlier, the Israeli Defense Forces thwarted a suicide bombing when soldiers caught a young woman, Wafa Samir Ibrahim, 20, wearing explosives strapped to her underwear at a northern Gaza Strip crossing. Ibrahim had a permit that allowed her into Israeli territory for "humanitarian assistance."

Yesterday, an Israeli soldier was killed and two others wounded when two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an IDF post on the Egypt-Gaza border. Following that incident, a 15-year-old Palestinian boy was arrested at a Gaza checkpoint with five pipe bombs.

The continued violence comes in spite of a cease-fire agreement announced in Egypt Feb. 8 by Sharon and Abbas.
IDF personel seems to understand what's going on:
A senior Israeli security source told WND: "The cease-fire is over. Officials are afraid to announce it, but look around, it's obvious."
No further comment. I'm too nauseous.


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