Friday, June 17, 2005

Peace is at hand

You know me well enough by now to know this headline MUST be another attack of sarcasm.
Palestinian terror at worst level since 'cease-fire' heads WorldNetDaily, and never were scare quotes more apt.
In the last 14 days alone, there were over 60 mortar and Qassam rocket attacks and one attempted terrorist infiltration against Jewish communities in Gaza, the area's security chief, Ami Shaked told WND.

Also, in the past three weeks, 26 Molotov cocktails were thrown at Israeli citizens, and there were four attempts by Palestinian terrorists to smuggle explosive belts and charges past West Bank checkpoints. Two of these attempts were carried out by 14- to 15-year-old teenagers who planned to commit suicide attacks against Israelis, marking the 16th time the past two months a Palestinian teenager had attempted to detonate a bomb or smuggle arms and explosives through a military checkpoint.
This is about the best the Jews can hope for. After releasing hundreds if not thousands of Arabs from jails as a goodwill gesture, when the 'disengagement' (read: retreat) from Gaza is in full swing, war by another name is full on.

Try to imagine ANY other country in the world sitting and taking this from a sworn, proven and dedicated enemy.

In Israel, this is business as usual. And the very real danger of that is that the Jews don't even see these attacks for what they really are any more: Another day, another dead Jew.

The Jews are back in the ghetto. And being attacked is just a part of every day life.

There was a short period when Jews realized it actually doesn't need to be like this, is not MEANT to be like this.
But the Jews have let themselves be convinced that this is their proper place, their fate on Earth. They have again become a subjugated, beaten people.

In Europe, this culminated in the Shoah.

Jews still exist on this planet. The only way they will continue to do so is if they take back control of their fate. No one else should decide what happens to the Jews. Only the Jews. Only Israel.


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