Monday, August 23, 2004

Why leaving Gaza is a mistake

This link thru LGF. An article by Max Singer leaving no stone unturned, demonstrating why abandoning Gaza is wrong and all arguments to do so are false and/or misleading.
Prime Minister Sharon recently summed up the reasons for his Gaza withdrawal program as follows: "Whoever thinks that it is possible to continue supporting both Netzarim and Maale Adumim will find themselves with neither Netzarim nor Maale Adumim, and that is not my intention. Whoever thinks that it is possible today to settle in all parts of the Land of Israel while at the same time maintaining a Jewish and democratic state, may find themselves without any settlements, without a democracy, and without a Jewish state."

Yet the problem is not whether Israel wants to be relieved of Gaza but how it can do so in a way that doesn't worsen its own situation. The fact that the current situation is painful and dangerous doesn't mean that any change will be for the better. Oslo was a bold try to get out of what was perceived to be an unacceptable situation, but on balance it pushed off the possibility of peace and led to many Israeli and Palestinian casualties. Thus, even if unilateral separation and getting out of Gaza are in principle desirable objectives, Israel has to ask whether withdrawal from Gaza at this time will help or hurt its security and the prospects for peace.
It is lengthy but well worth the read.


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