Friday, June 24, 2005

An Arab doctor on the latest homicide bomb attack

I wrote earlier about a young female 'Palestinian' who tried to blow up a hospital in Beer Sheva, even after having been treated there before on burn wounds.
Now an
Arab Palestinian doctor comments on this vile attempt to repay kindness, decency and humanity with death and destruction:
On the very day that she planned to detonate her bomb, two Palestinians in critical condition were waiting in Gaza to be taken for urgent treatment at Soroka.

Wafa was sent to kill the very people in Israel who are healing Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. What if Israeli hospitals now decide to bar Palestinians seeking treatment? How would those who sent Biss feel if their own relatives, in need of medical care in Israel, are refused treatment?

As for Biss herself, she should have been a messenger for peace among her people, and should have been bringing flowers and appreciation to the Soroka doctors for healing her burns. Instead she targeted the very people who treated her with such compassion.

Israeli hospitals extend humanitarian treatment to Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and West Bank. These efforts continued when all other cooperation between Palestinians and Israelis came to a halt during the most recent intifada.

To plan an operation of this kind against a hospital is an act of evil. Children, women, patients, doctors and nurses were the target. Is this a reward for kindness? Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life? This is aggression and a violation of humanity.
"Is this an advertisement for Islam, a religion which respects and sanctifies human life?" NOW THERE'S A JOKE! This man, who probably means well, seems to be unaware that this sick ...girl for lack of a more appropriate word is not exactly the first to attempt to commit massmurder against innocent Jews. This one luckily was stopped in time.
What are we going to say if Israel now clamps down on Palestinian patients seeking medical treatment inside Israel? All of us know that we are suffering from restrictions and acts of collective punishment imposed by the Israelis. We now risk imposing additional suffering on Palestinians in need of medical care.
Again, he ignores the fact that ALL of the current restrictions on Arab movement are due SOLELY to the fact that the Arabs will use and abuse every opportunity to conduct terrorism and massmurder against Jews!
Soroka is a hospital that has opened its doors to treat Palestinians without discrimination, offering the best care available. I want to tell my friends and colleagues at Soroka that all the Gaza residents I have spoken to have expressed their condemnation of this this evil and brainless act.
Not all Gaza residents I'm sure. In fact, I rather suspect it would be a tiny minority (this time a real one). Don't most Gaza residents vote for Hamas?
We should all denounce any attempts to attack hospitals and harm their patients. The Biss family members have, themselves, issued a statement condemning the use of their daughter.
Attacks on ANY other kind of institute, organization or place are clearly moral and allowed, according to Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish. Nice.
I hope that despite this incident Soroka Hospital will continue to be an oasis of peace and coexistence. That is the correct message to defeat the enemies of peace.
Ehmmm, no. The correct message to defeat the enemies of peace would be a bullet in the frontal lobe of that enemy.

The doctor means well. For an Arab. But in spite of the fact that he obviously is confronted DAILY with the difference in attitude between the Israeli's and the Arabs, he still manages to look upon this depraved and murderous attempt as an isolated incident, to cast his people in the role of victims, and to make a sneak reference to "restrictions and acts of collective punishment".

All in all, nice to see this mean speak out against depravity. I just wish he could have done it unreservedly, without qualifications.


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