Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Right and Wrong

Wafa al-Bass is a 21 years old Palestinian Arab woman. She was once badly burned by a gas explosion in her parent's house in Gaza.
Out of humanitarian considerations she was issued a special entry pass into Israel, to visit the hospital in Beer Sheva for treatment of her burns.
The real reason for her trip there was to blow up as many Jews as possible in that same hospital. She was packed with 10 kgs (22lbs) of dynamite.

She was caught at the border crossing, and failed to detonate the explosives when apprehended. When interviewed, she said it had been her dream to become a shaheed (martyr) since she was six years old.
Ms Bass told Israeli television in a jailhouse interview that she was angry over allegations that Israeli guards at the Megiddo prison in northern Israel had ripped pages off a copy of the Holy Quran.

“What angered me and the Palestinian people is the abuse of the Quran,” Ms Bass said. “Should we sit in silence with our hands tied?”
How very susceptible they are to the new "The Koran was desecrated" virus. And the fact that she'd been treated for her burns by Jews before seemed to make no difference at all to 'Ms Bass'.

Summary: Arab gets herself badly burned through no fault of the Jews. Jews help her medically and offer to help more. Arab accepts offer, only to attempt mass-murder against Jews.

How do you deal with sick, depraved, thoroughly brainwashed people like these? I can think of a few constructive ways, but I'd be very un-PC...


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