Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Creative solutions

According to a report in the daily Het Parool, more than a quarter of all primary school kids in Amsterdam have significant studying problems because of the huge and increasing number of children of 'foreign' (read: Muslim) descent. This causes Amsterdam to score extremely low on the national SAT's. So what do we do? We don't include them in the average. Which causes Amsterdam to score higher than the national average for the first time. Cool eh?

When criticized that this causes a warped picture of Amsterdam's actual score, Alderman Ahmed Aboutaleb replied that this is nonsense. "If you're born thousands of miles away and then get tested in 8th grade in Holland, you can't be expected to score well". True enough, but most of these semiliterates were born here. Like Mohammed Bouyeri, who also writes in Dutch at the level of a 7-year old.

Link to
the article (in Dutch)


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