Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Guess we'll just have to wait...

... until they kill some of ours again, so we can kill some of theirs.
Hamas has published an article on its website stating it will extend its Qassam manufacturing and firing capabilities to the West Bank. It warned it will launch a rocket onslaught against Israeli cities, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, until the Jewish state is destroyed.

"Should the Zionist army partially withdraw from the cities of the West Bank ... Afula, Hadera, Beit She'an, Netanya, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities will all fall within the range of the Qassam rocket. ... The implication is that this rocket, which was previously looked upon with disdain by many, will serve as the weapon of choice in the coming period of time, as the acts of suicide martyrdom served as the weapon of choice during all the previous years
reports WorldNetDaily.These are the people Holocaust-denier Abbas is asking to join him in his 'cabinet'. So they won't be so radical, maybe.

Ship 'm to Jordan, Egypt and Syria. All of them. If they resist, so much the better.


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