Thursday, August 26, 2004

Arabs are worried Israel is not Iran's only target

The Indispensable MEMRI (and I use the capital "I" deliberately) has the following translation of an article from an Arab newspaper in London. The jist of it is that the countries neighbouring Iran should be at least as if not more worried than Israel about the increase in both scope and speed of the development of both conventional weapons and WMD.
"All of the countries in the region make use of Israel as a pretext, and there is a grain of truth in [their claims]. Yet the truth is that the annals of the wars and conflicts [in the region] do not back up the claims of self-defense against Israeli attack or confrontation with Israel.

"What interests us is not what has been said but rather what has happened and is happening. Regrettably, all of Iran's confrontations have been with Saudi Arabia - [in the form of] air and land battles, with The [United Arab] Emirates, and most recently with Qatar - when [Iran] detained a [Qatari] gunship. Iran's conflicts have extended also to Taliban-era Afghanistan before the events of 9/11 as well as clashes with Azerbaijan, and of course with Iraq."

'The Only Possibility is that the Artillery is that it is the Neighboring Countries that are the Intended Target'

"Among all of the confrontations in which Iran has been involved over the course of a quarter of a century, there has not been a single direct confrontation with Israel. This fact causes Iran's neighbors to be worried - more than Israel is worried - by the accelerated development of Iran's 'quality' artillery and the quantity of [both] conventional weapons and weapons of mass destruction.
MEMRI calls the writer a "progressive columnist". I can see why, as there are nearly no accusations or recriminations against Israel, and this in itself is rare, even spectacular.
But I think the article should be taken at face value. The concern is real, and probably justified. Iran is ruled by religious fanatics, maniacs in fact, insane but not stupid. They have no ethics or morals as sane people know them.

I believe the destruction of Israel IS indeed a first priority for the Mad Mullahs. But after that? Shia Muslim domination for the region? The world even? It's already started in Iraq. Obviously their schemes and ambitions are greater than their abilities. But the Mad Mullahs are not restrained by such details as a sense of reality, or care for their people. So the concern of the author is not for Israel, but for what comes after Israel is disposed off.

Read it all.


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