Monday, August 23, 2004

Israel, Palestinians trade warning leaflets

This heading of an article by WorldNetDaily, in which is described how Israeli helicopters drop leafleats over Gaza warning inhabitants not to cooperate with terrorists. Hamas in turn circulates its own leaflets calling on inhabitants to fight the Israelis in all possible ways.

But what struck me about the piece was the last part, an addendum of sorts:
Hamas announced last month it is manufacturing a new kind of rocket, the Nasser 3, the most powerful and furthest reaching rocket produced yet in the Palestinian territories. The rocket carries a five-kilogram warhead to a range of nine kilometers and has a standard explosive warhead combined with metal fragments and a standard fuse.

Previously, the Palestinians had been using Qassam 2 rockets, which used improvised fuses and warheads that didn't always explode upon impact. The Nasser 3 is built to guarantee an explosion.
The wishy-washy approach of the IDF in dealing with these maniacs is repulsive. A few Jews get injured or killed, they do likewise to the Arabs. It is a perverted way of doing business, even to the Arabs. They too die in numbers far greater than would happen if the IDF acted in a decisive manner, which would leave no doubt about what would happen if the maniacs did it again.

And with decisive, I mean decisive as in "Hiroshima", albeit on an appropriate scale. Actions like shelling from Gaza under the protection of uninvolved Arab lives and international public opinion should become prohibitively expensive. It already is (and has been for far too long) for the Jews.


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