Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Some things are so obvious

Well, to Professor Paul Eidelberg anyway. And to me as well.
In fact, when Eidelberg writes
Dwelling in Denial, it should become painfully clear that everyone who matters, everyone involved in making policy in Israel, really DOES fully appreciate the situation Israel (and the Jews in general) is in.
[Ariel Sharon and his colleagues] refuse to take the murderous tyranny of the Arab world seriously, a world steeped in hatred of Jews and Israel. Devoid of Jewish pride, they long to "negotiate" with a tyranny called the "Palestinian Authority", which uses Arab children as human bombs to kill Jews.

The denial in which Israel's political and intellectual elites dwell is pathological. This pathology is fostered by the moral neutrality of contemporary education. Politicians like Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres persist in the mindless policy of surrendering Jewish land to Arab terrorists primarily because Israeli universities are silent about the monstrous evil that animates the Arab world.
But there's more than just blindness going on here. I think people like Sharon may actually be aware of the right course to take. But he feels restrained by the US, and to a lesser degree the EU and UN. Wrongly, I believe. NOTHING is to be gained in the long term by abiding by what America wants from Israel. And a slow tortuous death seems inevitable to me when that course is taken.
We look in vain for a political leader with courage enough to say that signing agreements with Arabs may be "politically correct", but it is hardly conducive to peace. Does not Egypt, in violation of its peace treaty with Israel, supply arms to terrorists in Gaza, while its government-controlled media spew Nazi-inspired hatred of Jews and thus prepare Arabs for the final war against the Jewish state? Even Israel's peace treaty with Jordan has not prevented the "moderate" King Abdullah from stoking the fires of the intifada, thereby encouraging Arabs to hasten Israel's politicide.

Dwelling in denial, silent about the evil permeating Islam, Israel's ruling elites undermine the moral sensibilities and vigilance of Jews on the one hand, and incite Arab contempt and murder on the other. This denial, this silence, is sanctioned by Israeli law. Two decades ago, a Labor-Likud government enacted legislation that prohibits Jews from telling the truth about the Arab ethos. Hence, no one should expect the government to declare: "Israel's Arab enemies, like the Assassins of a thousand years ago, are unrivaled in racism, hatred and murder. When these Arabs kill Jews, they feel they are killing not human beings, but noxious insects. Israel is confronted by unmitigated evil." Such a statement, however, would make utter nonsense of Sharon's policy of self-restraint toward Arab terrorism.

And so, Israel's ruling elites continue to dwell in denial, refusing to take the "culture of hate" seriously. While they dither about "disengagement", Arabs accumulate more and deadlier weapons to kill more and more Jews.
Yes. We need a real leader. I think Israel will follow a leader who will bring shortterm hardship, if longterm peace and security are finally achieved.


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