Friday, November 05, 2004

Goodbye note of Van Gogh murderer

The Muslim who repeatedly shot Theo van Gogh, then cut the dying man's throat with a knife pinned five handwritten pages to the dead man's chest with another knife. The following is my literal translation of the Dutch translation of the original Arabic note.
Dipped in blood
This is my final word
pierced by bullets
dipped in blood
As I had thought
I leave you a message
For you.. the fighter
De tree of Tawheed is waiting
yearning for your blood
Make the sale
And Allah will give you way
He will give you the Garden
Instead of the earthly debris
To the enemy too I have something to say
You will perish for sure
Even if you tour the world
Chased by the knights of DEATH
Colouring the streets RED
Against the hypocrites finally I say this:
Wish for death or else shut up and ... sit.
Dear brothers and sisters I am approaching my end...
But the story does not end here.
Clearly the man planned to die, probably in a firefight with police. Dutch police have good firing discipline, and shot the scum in the leg, and then arrested him.

I've been saying it for some time, and now mainstream politicians agree with me: Jihad is here. And it didn't arrive just last Tuesday.


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