Monday, August 30, 2004

Arabs aren't animals

Four Israelis Saved From Near-Lynching heads IsraelNationalNews.
"They are simply animals. They walk around freely amongst us, but if we make a mistake and come to their areas, it could cost us our lives." So said this morning Yaakov Shabo, one of four Israelis who made a wrong turn on Friday into an Arab-populated neighborhood and were saved at the last moment from a lynching. "Another minute and I would have been dead," another of the Israelis said. "I thought we were going to end up like those two poor soldiers who were killed in Ramallah" - a reference to Yosef Avrahami and Vadim Norzitch who were brutally lynched in the Ramallah police station when they made a wrong turn into the city on Oct. 12, 2000.
Arab Palestinians are NOT animals. I absolutely and vehemently object to designating them as such.

Animals would never do
such a thing.

Read all about the Arabs' willingness to coexist with the Jews.


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